Authentic local experiences that help support Belizean families

Abe Gutierrez Taxi and Shuttle Service now offers a variety of authentic hospitality experiences that help support Belizean families!  By partnering with families and individual hospitality professionals, Belizetaxis.com brings you incredible and unique experiences for individuals, couples and small groups.  Most importantly, our local relationships ensure that you always pay a fair price,  and that your tourism dollars are going where they matter most -- directly to the local families and individuals that help make your visit to Belize a trip you will always  remember.  

San Ignacio Market Experience

Enjoy becoming a San Ignacio local by shopping for your food at the market! Listen to the sounds of English, Spanish, Belizean Kriol, and maybe even Mayan dialects as you wander among dozens of colorful stalls and talk with the vendors about what they brought in from their villages to sell that day.  Find yourself some fresh coconut water or maybe some  fruit, and then a shady spot by the river to enjoy.  Be sure to grab something tasty for later in the day as you continue to explore all Belize has to offer!

Oxmul Coffee Experience

Organically grown on the foothills of the Maya Mountains in the village of San Antonio, Oxmul Coffee derives from the original name of the village in Yucatec Maya: Oxmul Kah.  James Mesh and family, Maya descendants who still speak Yucatec Maya, named their brand Oxmul Coffee to keep the original village name alive for generations to come.  Learn about the entire process from tree to cup, as coffee fruits are harvested from their trees, beans are extracted from the fruits,  and then sun-dried, shelled, roasted, and enjoyed!

San Antonio Women's Co-op

Formed by nine San Antonio Mayan women with a goal to “empower women and inspire the children", The cooperative formed to find new ways to earn income, learn new skills, and share their traditional knowledge not only with visitors, but with the younger generation. Success with tourism has resulted in the co-op employing nine more women, supporting 11 local artisans, and creating a community fund to sponsor girl’s education- The fund has since sponsored the education of two girls who recently graduated high school.

Green Hills Butterfly Farm

Located on Mountain Pine Ridge in the Cayo District of Belize, Green Hills is home to the largest live butterfly display in Belize, including several native butterfly species reared at the farm. The spectacular Blue Morpho is one of the main attractions at the butterfly farm, along with an enormous variety of hummingbirds.  Be sure to enjoy the trails filled with a world-class collection of native tropical plants, animals and other birds in their magnificently preserved jungle ecosystem.

"I usually don't leave reviews or find value in guides when visiting places, but hiring Abe made the experience of visiting Belize so easy and enjoyable without feeling like you have been taken advantage of or uncomfortable. He should probably start using the nickname "Honest Abe". He didn't try to sell us on anything, he was considerate of our needs and wants, super friendly, and was a reliable source to turn to for helping fill out gaps in our vacation and asking any questions. I highly recommend using him to ensure your trip to Belize becomes a positive memory."